I have a few health issues and I like to treat them as natural as possible.

Please note:  I am not a doctor and was advised by a doctor to take these supplements, please consult your doctor before adding supplements to your health regime.


I was born without a thyroid and was on Synthroid only for the past 31 years until I found a couple of doctors that look at the whole picture.

Things I have taken:

Biotics Research GTA Forte II

Armour-Newer version I have to let dissolve under my tongue to avoid getting the heart racing.

Things I currently take:

Compounded Thyroid by my Compounded Pharmacist  No More Synthroid!!

Biotics Research GTA






Books I like about Thyroid:  Stop the Thyroid Madness

What Your Doctor May Not Tell you About Hypothyroidism

I did have my Adrenal Glands tested recently and just waiting on the results.

Celiac and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Gluten Free and Anti-Inflammatory Diet which means no Wheat, Barley, Rye, Spelt, Oats, Corn, Soy, Sugar,Honey, Salt, Black Pepper, Dairy, Nuts, Seeds, Pork, Alcohol, and Nothing artificial and minimal processed food.  I don’t have to eat the non-inflammatory diet 100% of time, but I do try.  The Gluten Free diet and I have been buddies since 2006 though and no shot or pill will change that.

Digestive Enzymes  I take 2 different kinds clicking on the words Digestive Enzymes  will take you to one of the ones I take.

Betatine HCl- I used to take NOW brand, but I am trying another

PRP Spray-Some interesting developments with this stuff and people with Celiac and other food sensitivities. My doctor, Dr. Harding, recommended it. It won’t cure Celiac, but supposedly it is suppose to make getting an accidental gluten poisoning less painful and it really helps with milk issues and other food allergies.

Overall Health


Vitamin D3,

Magnesium “Calm”