New Garden and Pet Pics



Blueberry Bushes





Squash and Tomatoes

No he's not an outside cat-only when I'm outside does he go out. Outside he looks so skinny. Inside we call him Mr. Pillowfluff and Mr. Beefy. He’s 21lbs of awesome.

Sunflower…until next year beautiful.


Mini and Max playing with a stick. I’ll post some more pictures of the harvest this week. 🙂




Butternut Squash Fries

When it comes to food I have a very addictive personality,cough Sugar cough and these Butternut Squash Fries have become my newest addiction.  I can eat a whole butternut squash with my ketchup and not feel like a huge cow…its a beautiful thing.

Preheat oven to 450F

1.Peel the skin off the butternut squash ,

2.Cut into fry shaped food and place in large  bowl

3. Spray a very small amount of Olive Oil, and Braggs Amino Acids (which can be found at any health store and Whole Foods) on fries

4. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp of Cumin, Coriander, and Onion or Garlic Powder on fries and with your hands mix everything

5. Spread out evenly on baking sheets and put in oven for 20 minutes

6. After 20 minutes flip fries with spatula and bake for an extra 10 minutes

7. let them cool for a few and ENJOY!

Recipe by: Treatment Center for Metabolic Disorders of which I am a patient this is not their blog.

Tomato free ketchup???

Makes me feel weird just thinking about it, but that will be this weeks adventure.  I just found out I may be sensitive to tomatoes and garlic and milk and eggs and sesame…oh my.   I guess Dr. Mercola’s article was right.

So these are the ones I am going to try:

I won’t be adding the red food dye

For this one-I’ll have to figure out the brown sugar substitute


Wish me luck.

Gluten Free, Casein Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Raw, Banana Ice Cream

This ice cream is so good and has so many possibilities. More fruit…yes, Cinnamon-yes, Nut Butters-yes, Chocolate-yes. It’s gluten free, casein free, Sugar free(I know bananas have sugar but you don’t have to add sugar to this), Vegan no milk or eggs, Raw, and CHEAP and EASY…just the way I like it.
Disclaimer-I did not invent this, but whoever did should be certified as a genius.
Ready, set, go!
1. Cut up your bananas and put on a plate
2. Put the plate into your freezer for 2 or more hours
tick tock tick tock
3. Put bananas into a food processor and turn on and watch this beauty unfold.
-It may not seem like its working but it is-it just takes a few minutes. I’ve had to add a few drops of water on occasion, but usually it doesn’t require that.

4. ENJOY!!!!

Hovering over 60 lbs

I’m down 61lbs and feeling pretty happy.  I’d like to lose 29 more and by October 21st.

I need someone to yell at me to workout everyday.  I have gotten a little lazy. 😦

My exercise plan is Kettlebells, Burst Training, and Jogging 5-6 days per week. An hour of working out total. I just need to do it everyday.

Gluten Free Ricotta Cheese Gnocchi

Gnocchi is one of my favorite pastas, and I’m always interested in how people say it.  I grew up in an Italian family and we said it like “Nawkey” and we say “Rigaut” cheese not Ricotta, anyone else say things like this or do we shame the Italians?

Over the weekend I made Ricotta Gnocchi’s and they were fabulous.  I am on natural cheese week this week and have been fantasizing about making Gnocchi’s this way for a long time.

I borrowed this recipe and changed it to fit my dietary needs.  I used Kelp granules instead of salt and white pepper instead of black.  For the flour I used garbanzo bean flour and had a few people over and everyone enjoyed them-which makes me oh so very happy.  My dough was still really sticky, and hard to work with so I just made little balls and froze them for about 15 mintues.


Garden Update

Everything is growing!

My Sunflowers

Squash, Cantelopes, Watermelons


There are more—tomatoes, raspberries, asparagus, peppers, apples, and pears-I’ll get more pictures up soon.