Whether your doing this by choice or necessity, Gluten-Free living is not a bad thing. Your attitude is going to play a major role in your success.  It is important to be happy and positive and remind yourself you are lucky to be able to cure your body with food and not a pill or as many pills. You will make mistakes.  My first 6 months were filled with mistake after mistake and well meaning people will poison you. Social situations will be difficult, but that is ok because you will feel better.

These tips are geared towards Gluten-Intolerance~Celiac


  • Go through your cabinets at home and see what is gluten free. If your living with someone that is not gluten free then you need to designate a space for your food and your kitchen tools.
  • You will need to purchase a new toaster, strainer, can opener, cutting board, Tupperware-(I recommend glass), cookie sheets, pizza pans, pizza cutter, utensils (such as spatulas, spoons, etc.,).  A couple of stainless steel or ceramic pans and dutch ovens are best for cooking because they are non-porous, so even if a gluten filled meal is made in there as long as it is throughly cleaned you should be ok.  I just label everything in my kitchen that I wish to remain Gluten Free with GF.
  • You will need your own Gluten Free condiments, sauces, spices (if you dip your measuring spoon in instead of pouring out or if they contain gluten and some spices do) sugar (if you’ve ever taking the same measuring spoon dipped it into the flour and then the sugar-its tainted) butter and write on there GLUTEN-FREE and explain to everyone that a crumb can make you just as sick as a whole meal.
  • Make a grocery list and think about the brands you buy and start surfing the web for their gluten-free products.
  • Think about your favorite things to eat and know that you will be able to make them yourself gluten-free. Think about your favorite treats that you like to buy and start researching their gluten status. It will make you feel better.
  • Check out General Mills as they are the leading the main-stream company, Chex cereal (all but one I believe), Yoplait, GF Bisquik, Betty Crocker GF Cake Mixes and Frostings, etc.  Truly remarkable.
  • Read! Go to your library or buy books about the diet.
  • Don’t worry about buying 10 different flours-they have excellent mixes now like Orgran, Better Batter, Pamelas, Jules All-Purpose Mix.
  • Invest in a shopping guide.  I like the one Triumph Dining puts out http://www.triumphdining.com/
  • Contact your favorite restaurants and see if they can accommodate you.   Going at peak times is not a good idea. Peak Times: 6am-8am, 11:30am-2pm, 5pm-7pm. If you must go out at these times call that morning and go discuss with the manager or chef what you can have.
  • Talk to your family let them know what is going on and go over what needs to be done to keep you safe.

Going shopping for the first time is going to be slightly depressing, but not as depressing as it was 5 years ago when I was diagnosed, and not as bad as 20 years ago when the internet didn’t exist…those poor people.

The golden rule is that you should stick to the “walls” of the grocery store.  Fruits, veggies, meats, yogurts, cheeses (unless you have a problem with milk).

Doing most of your homework before hand and writing out what you can have will make your life easier.  Print out an ingredient sheet of what you should avoid and keep in your wallet at all times.

Avoid Oats for the first year and then consume Oats grown gluten-free which means they were not grown on fields that previously grew wheat, and they are not processed where wheat, barley, or rye is processed. See how you feel-not everyone can handle oats.

Thank your grocer’s manager if they keep a good supple of gluten-free foods.

Spelt is wheat…a lot of stores seem to get this wrong.

If after going gluten-free and your still having symptoms it could be many things, and a lot of doctors don’t know this, but Rice and Corn have their own gluten, so you may have to cut those as well.  Get tested for other auto-immune, look into grass-fed meat and dairy, get your liver checked out (mine had problems).  Take your health seriously…if your not feeling well don’t let doctors blow you off.

Everyday it gets easier-I promise.