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As far as the fillings go:  You should get those taken out by a natural dentist ASAP, if you’ve had them removed already and didn’t go to a natural dentist eat more Cilantro and talk to a naturopath about taking Activated Charcoal as they both carry heavy metals out of the body.

Another thing that has Mercury-High Fructose Corn Syrup, so please get that out of your diet.  A lot of companies are advertising things without HFCS now just make sure they weren’t tricky and added Corn Sugar instead which is the same thing just different name.

Get the fluoride out of your life as it is very bad for you and specifically your thyroid and liver, drink spring or distilled water, get a shower filter that specifically reduces fluoride and chlorine, get a fluoride free toothpaste-Toms of Maine, Dessert Essence, Spry, etc., all good alternatives.  On a different note did you know that fluoride can make you more submissive and the person that originally put it in water was Hitler for that specific reason?

Sources of Fluoride 

More Fluoride Information

Mr. Evil

You can google more and of course some say its a conspiracy theory do your research and decide.