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Tomato free ketchup???

Makes me feel weird just thinking about it, but that will be this weeks adventure.  I just found out I may be sensitive to tomatoes and garlic and milk and eggs and sesame…oh my.   I guess Dr. Mercola’s article was right.

So these are the ones I am going to try:

I won’t be adding the red food dye

For this one-I’ll have to figure out the brown sugar substitute


Wish me luck.


Gluten Free, Casein Free, Sugar Free, Vegan, Raw, Banana Ice Cream

This ice cream is so good and has so many possibilities. More fruit…yes, Cinnamon-yes, Nut Butters-yes, Chocolate-yes. It’s gluten free, casein free, Sugar free(I know bananas have sugar but you don’t have to add sugar to this), Vegan no milk or eggs, Raw, and CHEAP and EASY…just the way I like it.
Disclaimer-I did not invent this, but whoever did should be certified as a genius.
Ready, set, go!
1. Cut up your bananas and put on a plate
2. Put the plate into your freezer for 2 or more hours
tick tock tick tock
3. Put bananas into a food processor and turn on and watch this beauty unfold.
-It may not seem like its working but it is-it just takes a few minutes. I’ve had to add a few drops of water on occasion, but usually it doesn’t require that.

4. ENJOY!!!!