Gnocchi is one of my favorite pastas, and I’m always interested in how people say it.  I grew up in an Italian family and we said it like “Nawkey” and we say “Rigaut” cheese not Ricotta, anyone else say things like this or do we shame the Italians?

Over the weekend I made Ricotta Gnocchi’s and they were fabulous.  I am on natural cheese week this week and have been fantasizing about making Gnocchi’s this way for a long time.

I borrowed this recipe and changed it to fit my dietary needs.  I used Kelp granules instead of salt and white pepper instead of black.  For the flour I used garbanzo bean flour and had a few people over and everyone enjoyed them-which makes me oh so very happy.  My dough was still really sticky, and hard to work with so I just made little balls and froze them for about 15 mintues.