Skittles. But really its my penicillin for anything.  It’s my feel good and feel bad food.  Some people have chocolate….I had Skittles.  It’s been 3 months without you friend and you are missed.

I found a wrapper yesterday (that I took a big wiff of)  at least 3+ months old and was delighted to see no High Fructose Corn Syrup on there.  Yipee!!! I know some of the other ingredients are bad.  Skittles have been good to me. Right there on the label it says Gluten Free…yet another corporation guilting (Is this a real word?) me (ya right)  into purchasing their product because they care enough to write the words to make me say “I can have that”.

Once this diet is over I will allow myself Skittles twice per year: My Birthday(May)  and Christmas.  I will create a skittle jar and for everything that stressed me out or made me happy or just felt like having Skittles that day. I will write it down and consume one skittle for that note instead of one bag.

On December 21, 2012 or whatever day the world is supposed to end.  You might find me in my bathtub like this:

If things don’t end badly on 12-21-12 and if I was going to be buried…I’d request to have skittles dumped on me.  But instead I’m going to be cremated and planted as a tree…maybe a skittle tree. Monsanto….get on that.

Skittles is not paying me for this shameless confession of weirdness.