Thanks to for posting this.  I thought I’d try it out since this week on my doctor prescribed diet I have to try Coconut Butter and its $9 or more at Whole Foods and this Celiacista is on a budget I needed to try to make it on my own.  It is super easy and soooooo good.

What you need:

~8oz or more of Organic unsweetened, sulfite free, Dehydrated Coconut

~Food Proccessor


Step One:

Put Coconut into food processor

1.5 Ignore the Ramen Noodles…

Turn on and leave on for 10-12 minutes

10-12 minutes later

Pour in a jar and it will solidify after a few hours at room temperature

I wanted to enjoy it while it was still liquid so I cut up a banana and poured some butter in a cup and dipped.  It was so good.