Going out for a meal can be a big deal for a Celiac.  It is really hard for us because we are not sure if 1. the cook even knows what GF means, 2. If the server knows, and 3. How they prevent Cross-Contaimantion.

It is best for us to go out at a non-peak time.  I was a server for 8 years. Mistakes are made more often during the busy times.  Going at a off peak time can be a tummy saver.

Going where they advertise a few gluten-free options and have a gluten-free menu is ideal.

So, drum roll please….

My favorite Gluten Free places to eat.

Texas de Brazil the bread they bring to the table is Gluten Free.  Outstanding. I’ll post a recipe of that bread later.  Of 50 items in their buffet I can’t have 5 of them usually.  That is pretty great!

Maggianos-The cook comes out to the table and tells you everything they can make for you. I recommend the Tomato Caprese.  Their GF Fettuccine is also awesome.

Ted’s Montana Grill-Seems like everything is super fresh and they have a gluten-free menu online.

Outback Steakhouse-One of the first major chains to go GF. Always happy to support them.

P.F. Changs has a very good Gluten Free Menu.

Pizza Fusion– Great GF pizza.  Sadly the IL location is gone, but they have more in other states.

Uno Chicago Grill and Lou Malnatis also have GF pizza options.

In Naperville, IL there is a place called Tangerine Cafe and they offer GF pancakes and they ask for extra time to ” do it right”

There are plenty more out there and I can’t wait to try them.