Sorry if this is over-kill on the lotions and potions, but it took me awhile to find good gluten-free products and I know I am not the only one.  These are my daily favs:

My Alba Un-petroluem jelly.  I use this on my lips and my dogs paws.  Don’t worry my dogs paws never touch this container. I squirt a whole bunch on a napkin or in a bowl so I don’t get their cooties.

My everyday face cleaner and moisturizer. CeraVe. This stuff is awesome to put it mildly.  I have sensitive, oily, break-out prone skin and this stuff really kicked my acne’s butt.  It’s a little expensive and I can only find it at CVS , Walgreens, and online, but it works and its Gluten-Free.

Last item of the day:

Sibu Repair and Protect Sea Buckthorn Daytime  Face Creme.

Once again these companies have no idea who I am and they are not paying me for gushing about their products.  Always check websites and boxes/bottles for ingredients as they can change.