I am not interested in looking my age.  I enjoy looking younger than my years, or maybe the idea of looking younger than my years. I decided I need to start fighting the War on Wrinkles now.  The acronym would be WOW…haha.  It’s the little things for this dork.

So, I’ve been researching and I have found some products I can believe in.

I use a lot of the derma-e brand anti-aging skin care and so far so good.  I have super sensitive skin-breaks out and turns red easily.

About 3 times a week I use this Microdermabrasion scrub..which I really, really enjoy.  It makes my skin feel amazing.

At night I use the Hyraluronic acid crème and even though it is slightly heavy it doesn’t clog my pores…which I appreciate.

I also use the eye crème and I have noticed my forehead indentations have decreased dramatically.

I use the Very Clear as needed and I feel like it works wonders on my blemishes.  Note to blemishes I’m 30 now-you are not welcome here anymore.

According to the derma-e website everything is gluten-free except for the “Stop Itch”

So exciting to have another product line to obsess over.


Derma-e does not know me and I am not being paid for this post.