is “I can have that”.  Anyone with food intolerances or following a special diet for other health reasons probably has that in common with me, so I decided to share some recipes and happy thoughts with you.

Background on me:  I am a 30-year-old woman who was born without a thyroid, endured 25 years of symptoms that were blamed on stress, lack of thyroid, and synthroid only to find out I have Celiac and now Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver which was a struggle to get a diagnoses for.  I feel pretty lucky that for 2 of these conditions my cure is diet and supplements. As for the other one I am happy they caught it early otherwise I would be an entirely different person.

Right now I am on a doctor prescribed diet and it does include meat, but we both agree that Organic, hormone free, grass-fed, pasture raised, and cage free, is the best way to eat meat and eggs if that is what is required.  I can assure you I don’t take eating meat or eggs lightly and I care about how the animals were treated.

Blog Oath:

100% of these recipes will be gluten-free, and will not break your bank. I am not all about using 15 different flours and gums.  I buy GF all-purpose flours and they work great.  I love cookbooks of all kinds…I usually cook out of “regular” cook books more and just sub-in what I need too.

I may post a yummy dog or cat treat recipe occasionally or some of my top product picks for animals, they should be eating gluten-free too!

I’ll give tips for newbies to the gluten-free world and their families.  I will post many things I enjoy and hope you will too.

Just remember you can have more than you think.